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 The EDIT Summer Schools of Taxonomy

The EDIT Summer Schools are an initiative of
Work Package 8 (“Training and Public Awareness”) and Work Package 7 (“Applying taxonomy to Conservation”) of the European Network of Excellence ”EDIT” (European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy). The purpose of the Summer Schools is to train students in “Best Practice” of field sampling and various aspects of taxonomic research to be applied in biodiversity and conservation biology research. The Summer Schools focus on disseminating practical taxonomic experience with theory lectures to give an in-depth understanding of the current state of taxonomic research and its broad applicability in other scientific disciplines and non-scientific initiatives.

The EDIT Summer Schools are open to students that have recently finished their MSc. level or are in an early stage of their PhD research in a biological discipline. The Summer Schools are closely coupled with the EDIT “All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring (ATBI+M)” initiatives. ATBI+M activities are part of a global research effort to document spatio-temporal dynamics in biodiversity of conservation priority areas.

The Summer School of Taxonomy provides a unique chance for students to meet with professional taxonomists and experience firsthand the challenges and rewards of field work in an inspirational setting.


→ the 1st EDIT Summer School (2008)

→ the 2nd EDIT Summer School (2009)

→ the 3rd EDIT Summer School (2010)



The EDIT Summer School is organized with the help of:


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