EDIT Summer School 2009

A. Hoffman, 2009
Photo: A. Hoffman, 2009

The 2nd EDIT Summer School 2009 was held in the Gemer region of Slovakia
In the pristine Muránska Planina National Park (Slovakia), 20 young biologists from 13
European countries learnt about the importance of taxonomy from July 19th and August 2nd 2009.
This second edition brought together professional taxonomists from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania,
Slovakia, France, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain and United Kingdom. They taught students
how to sample, identify and classify the diversity of living organisms, and also how to store the specimens,
process and interpret the gathered data.
The location for the second EDIT Summer School is the Muránska Planina National Park, in the Slovakian
Gemer region around the village of Muràn. Because of its biodiversity richness, this location was
selected as one of the EDIT ATBI+M sites (All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory + Monitoring) of biodiversity
hotspots. The EDIT Summer School closely cooperated with the local activities, for mutual benefit.
The EDIT Summer School 2009 is organized by the National Botanic Garden of Belgium (NBGB), the
Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) and the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS), in
close collaboration with the Comenius University of Bratislava (CUB) in Slovakia and the other EDIT