About WP7

Workpackage 7 (WP7) of the 'European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy' (EDIT) organises 'All Taxa Biodiversity Inventories+Monitoring' (ATBI+M).
In EDIT's ATBI+M sites, scientists from up to 27 mainly EU-based, scientific institutions cooperate to work on a 'baseline biodiversity assessment' (read more).

Despite the fact that the European Union aims at a total halt of biodiversity loss by 2010 (www.countdown2010.net), our knowledge on biodiversity is very limited, even in European habitats.

Results of EDIT's ATBI+M are published on our dedicated ATBI+M websites (see under 'Active ATBI+M sites') and through the 'Global Biodiversity Information Facility' (GBIF), with user-friendly search and mapping interfaces. Our results will further be used in web-based tools for species descriptions and identification ('cybertaxonomy' EDIT WP5) to accelerate European biodiversity assessments.

Importantly, ATBI+M results support ecologists, conservationists and environmental politics and will thus contribute to the 2010 goals of the European Union, with a strong and fast-acting community of taxonomic scientists.

(Photo: K.Riede 2006).