Gemer ATBI+M

In January 2007, the Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by representatives of EDIT and the Slovakian national nature conservancy. This document records the mutual interests for inventory work in the parks, and specifies agreements on data-sharing and the collection of biological specimens for EDIT's ATBI+M participants.

Since the setup of the ATBI+M in 2008 field activities at the Slovakian ATBI+M sites in the Gemer area are constantly increasing. So far 30 researchers have visited the three National Parks (Muránska Planina, Slovenský Raj, Slovenský Kras) and have recorded more than 900 species. More records are expected, because of the activities at present.

All relevant information on the ATBI+M sites in the three Slovakian National Parks in the Gemer area, including downloads, detailed maps of focal sites, places to stay, contacts and photogalleries can be found on these specially dedicated websites:

For summary information and individual data sets please view the Gemer website (under ‘park biodiversity’, ‘taxonomic details’) at More general and additional information can be found on, which is maintained by our partners at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Here, apart from logistic information, maps, literature, etc. you can find links to relevant Slovakian databases for the national flora and fauna, which will also serve the ATBI+M data generated for the Gemer region.

For further details about logistics and planning, please feel free to contact WP7 team members individually:

Contact persons

The Slovakian Slovensky Raj National Park, photo: Anke Hoffmann 2009