How to participate

In EDIT's ATBI+M activities
The links will lead you to the general info pages of work package 7 of the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy


Register at the ATBI+M forum and please fill in all the fields


Go to the list of active ATBI+M sites and select your site of choice

3. Download and carefully read the site-specific guidelines and documents (Terms of Reference for individual participation, Financial and Data guidelines)


Fill in the Terms of Reference (ToR) and send two copies with original signature to the WP7 management in Stuttgart:

EDIT WP7 c/o Juan Carlos Monje
State Museum of Natural History
Rosenstein 1
D-70191 Stuttgart

5. Following receipt acknowledgment of the ToR, you will be provided with contact information for the respective ATBI+M site manager for obtaining permits, and logistic arrangements.

If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact the WP7 team:

Dr. Christoph Häuser, Team leader (christoph.haeuser[at]

Dr. Juan Carlos Monje, Co-Team leader and Coordinator (carlos.monje[at]

Dr. Anke Hoffmann, Co-Team leader and Coordinator (anke.hoffmann[at]


Flyer as pdf-file for download:

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