Places to stay in the Gemer national parks

Muranska Planina:
1) Muran Fieldstation
You will find convenient accommodation in the information centre of the Muránska Planina National Park. Five 3-bed rooms are available; showers, toilets and kitchen are at the same floor. Cost of accommodation is €10 per person and night. In the information centre there is also a park information office, a small museum, a lecture room and a lab. There is no phone landline available.

2) Hotel Predná Hora near Murán village
Predná Hora is situated 2 kilometers from the border of the youngest national park of Slovakia - The Muránska Planina National Park.
3) Guesthouse Muran
4) Hotel Hunter (Revuca)

Slovensky Raj:
1) Hotel Cingov
2) Lodging House Myto (Hrabusice)
3) Mountain Cottage Stara Horaren (Dobsina)
4) Guesthouse Koliba (Dedinky)
5) Podlesok (Hrabusica)
6) Cottage Rejdova

Slovensky Kras:
1) Hotel Gemerska Horka
2) Cottage Gemerska Poloma
3) Hotel Medzev
4) Penzion Alfa (Roznava)
5) Guesthouse Barónka (Betliar)

Further accommodation you can find here:

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