Taxonomic data

Field names given bold and underlined are necessary for meeting GBIF compatibility and the needs of conservation strategies.

No. Identification field Explanation Example
1 Event_ID The Event_ID from the Events table MMB2007-1-1
2 Record_ID A UNIQUE number for this specific identification (can be the same as “fieldnumber”). For example, a number from your own collection-administration. 12345-COL
3 Fieldnumber The number given to this specimen in the field, which can differ from the Record_ID.  
4 Record type The type of record.
  1. Specimen collected;
  2. Only observed;
  3. Sound recording;
  4. Literature record.
5 Medium The storage medium of the identified specimen "Not collected", "Dried", "Alcohol", etc.
6 Record type remarks In case of a literature record, provide here the full reference to the publication.  
7 Kingdom    
8 Phylum    
9 Class    
10 Order    
11 Family    
12 Subfamily    
13 Genus name    
14 Species    
15 Species author name and year   (Linnaeus, 1758) or Linnaeus, 1758
16 Subgenus name    
17 Subspecies    
18 Subspecies author name and year The author and publication year of the species (Linnaeus, 1758) or Linnaeus, 1758
19 Variety    
20 Variety author name and year   (Linnaeus, 1758) or Linnaeus, 1758
21 Determinator The person that identified this specimen (in case of a literature-record, this can be the author of the publication). Klaus Riede
22 Status Notes on the taxonomic status of the taxon.  
23  Identification remarks Remarks on the taxonomic identification.  
24 Identification source Give here details about the voucher specimen, literature, or other sources of identification.  
25 Lifestage   e.g., "Gametophyte",
"Larva", "Nymph", "Imago", etc.
26 Sex The sex of the identified specimen Male; Female; Not relevant, etc.
27 Attributes Measurements of the identified specimen "W:3mm, L:6mm"
28 Substrate The substrate on which the specimen was found "Humus-rich soil"
29 Symbiont If relevant, the species with which this specimen lived in symbiosis with. For example the host of a parasite. "Squirrel"
30 Number The abundance of the identified taxon 256
31 Microhabitat Remarks in relation to the microhabitat (macrohabitat notes are provided in the locality table) "Litter layer under large Quercus tree"
32 Deposit The public institution where the specimen/record is deposited

  1. In case of a literature-record where deposit location is not given, the literature reference should be copied in here.
  2. In case no specimen was collected, enter “not collected”.
State Museum of Natural History, Stuttgart
33 ImageURL An URL where an image can be found of this specimen or species. 
34 SoundURL An URL where a soundfile can be found of this specimen or species.  
35 Image-file name The name of an imagefile (supply the file in a separate folder) DSCN_3981.jpg
36 Image-file credit The source of the image Merijn M. Bos
37 Sound-file name The name of an soundfile (supply the file in a separate folder) soundX811_a.mp3
38 Sound-file credit The source of the soundfile Klaus Riede
39 Date created The data this identification was typed in (DD.MM.YYYY) 15.06.2007
Alpi Marittime